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Summer 2023 Information

Summer 2023 registration will begin mid-February (typically Valentine’s Day).  Spots fill up rather quickly so please mark your calendar.  If you are new to Camp Argo, please use the “contact us” option providing your email for future correspondences.

We are currently preparing a new camper schedule to accommodate increased enrollment,  updating/increasing our summer rates, and adding some new activities!

Our returning staff are excited to get started.  Due to increased enrollment we will be hiring additional counselors, a camp nurse, art specialist, archery, ropes/adventure, and fishing.  Interested applicants are welcome to fill-out and submit an application ages 17+ older (if you know anyone!).

What to Expect @ Camp Argo (click here)

Extra things to bring…
– fishing pole to keep in the cabin all week
– plain white t-shirt in labeled ziplock to tie-dye
– any saved egg carton, paper towel or toilet paper rolls

Typical Daily Schedule (click here)


List of some activities offered:  archery, canoe, fishing, arts & crafts, outdoor science, climbing wall, adventure low elements, pedal carts, hiking, gaga-ball, all types of sports & tag games.  

Dropoff & Pickup Policy (click here)

(provided & signed during camper registration) 

Dropoff Time – 9:00-9:15am any earlier is considered Ext Camp $

Pickup Time – 3:45-4:00pm any later is considered Ext Camp $

Parent Consent (click here)

(provided & signed during camper registration) 

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Camp Argo is a non-profit organization and our mission is to promote and embrace the philosophy that “Everyone can be a HERO!” At Camp Argo we strongly feel that it is important for your child to grow through interactive play, traditional and non-traditional sports, and other creative outlets in a safe learning environment.

Camp Argo believes in empowering campers to dream big, be kind to one another, find their strengths, try their best, and learn to lead by example. To us at Camp Argo, this is the definition of a HERO!

Camp Argo helps each camper realize that the attributes of a true HERO are within all of us! With this in mind, our program is designed to emphasize the HERO-like characteristics that we discover within each other when trying new activities, participating in recreational group games, spending time with our peers, and giving back in the community.

In doing so Camp Argo recognizes the courageous & resilient HEROIC qualities our campers demonstrate and honor them at the end of each day. Also, Camp Argo invites local heroes, community leaders, artists, entertainers, and educators to come speak and work with our campers to give them a full, engaging camp experience. 

Camp Argo was named after the heroic story of Jason and the Argonauts, and their quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece. The Golden Fleece was the wool coat of a golden winged ram that was so valuable, the king had it hung on a tree protected by a fierce dragon. It was a feat deemed impossible.

Jason selected a team of HEROES called the Argonauts after the ship they were to set sail on, the Argo. It was to take them on a tremendous adventure where they would face many challenges along the way to retrieve the Golden Fleece. Each of the heroes played significant roles in winning these difficult challenges by using their personal strengths.

Similarly, our campers will also partake in many challenges and adventures throughout the summer. We hope our campers will use their individual talents to succeed in the activities they participate in at Camp Argo and to discover their inner HERO!

Board of Directors:

President:  Courtney Nevis

Treasurer:  Cathy Ianotta

Secretary:  Carson Echeverry

To contact the Board please email info@campargo.org.  

Summers of Play
Archery Bullseyes
FIsh Caught & Released
Pedal Cart Laps

Camper Spots Remaining as of January 1st

*UPDATE - If you are interested in registering for all 8 weeks, we will waive the waitlist for any weeks that are currently full.
Email info@campargo.org prior for the specific details.

Session 3 is a full week (all 5 days).
We will be hosting a full day of camp on the 4th of July.

Once your child is promoted from the waitlist,
please provide full payment immediately or
the next camper on the list will be contacted.

Week 1
June 19-23
Week 2
Week 3
July 3-7
Week 4
July 10-14
Week 5
July 17-21
Week 6
July 24-28
Week 7
Week 8
Aug 7-11

Mandated Distribution of CT Safe Sport Policy Child Abuse Prevention & Mandated Reporter Training

Upon the enrollment or registration of any child in a youth camp, the licensee of such youth camp shall provide a copy of the guidelines developed to the parent or guardian of such child.

Mandated Distribution of Mandated Reporter Training

During staff training, we review the mandated reporter training, and the guidelines about child sexual abuse and exploitation. We ask that you take a moment to review.

Inclusion Component Camper/Parent Questionnaire

Please fill out this form to keep our Inclusion Supervisors current of your child's needs at camp.

Care 4 Kids Parent Provider Agreement Form

Use Contact Us to request Camp Argo to fill-in sections 2, 3 & 4 so that you can submit the completed packet for reimbursement.

2022 Campership Eligibility Packet (hard copy)

Hard copy is not accepted as registration. Must register via Campdocs. Use Contact Us to request Coupon Code to waive payment temporarily. Online registration is required by March 15, 2022 for processing. Please follow the directions in the packet.

Camp Supervisors

Activity Specialists

Head Counselors